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Please visit Marina's site if you would like to buy the PHYSICAL CD

"...As soon as you put it on it has the sound and feel of a classic album, one that can happily sit by the likes of Alison Krauss, Joni Mitchell and Carole King in my CD collection....Folky, countryfied, bluesy, Americana, Marina Florance’s rich, velvety vocals and deft, expressive acoustic guitar playing have the effect of making every song she plays sound like a timeless classic." Review by music blogger Darren Johnson

"her soft, warm and vulnerable voice has you melting into the songs...thoughts of classic country stars Patsy Cline and Patti Page respectively come to mind... often conjuring a Cohenesque feel to her acoustic, retro-sounding meld of folk, blues and Americana...unfussy, simple and heartfelt, it’s one of those albums that curls up in your lap when you need a little comfort and leaves you ready to face the day anew" Mike Davies, Folk Radio UK

"Marina Florance is just one of the coolest women on the folk circuit at the moment. The Londoner hasn't done the conventional route into music, starting quite late in life, but it shows in her unconventional sound.
Her style is a cross between Leonard Cohen and Peggy Seeger with a sort of retro 50s feel reminiscent of great singers such as Ketty Lester and Patti Page.
Her music crosses boundaries between folk, country, blues and Americana and on occasion has a definite continental feel to it.
Florance has such a distinct sound which has the ability to make you feel nostalgic without even knowing why or what for." Danny Farragher Folkall

It all started in the run up to last Christmas 2015 when after asking the most tech aware music people I know what I needed, I asked my family to buy me the best equipment & software my small budget could buy, to create my own little studio for Christmas presents. They did precisely that & in the new year when the dust had settled I set about making a space for my little adventure in the spare room. My other half had to upload the software & do the computer stuff. It all got done and I once I started there was no turning back and I loved it! Actually using the recording software was a little easier than I thought, I watched numerous online tutorials, looked stuff up, practiced, asked for advice from people, all of whom were extremely generous with their time and expertise. I listened & listened again & again, as the days passed I became more familiar with my set up but more importantly I began to believe I could actually record & produce my own album! That's what I did, an extremely steep learning curve but one I have immersed myself in and enjoyed immensely, my studio is one of my most favourite places to be now.

If you would like to buy the physical cd please visit Marina's site


released November 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Folkstock Records UK

Boutique label releasing handpicked singer songwriters from the Folkstock fold.
Most engineering, mixing and mastering by Lauren Deakin Davies.
Except Bright Season by Bright Season - released 31st May 2014
The F Spot by Friends of Folkstock - release date 17th May 2014
Passing the Baton - Swarb and Folkstock friends - 5th April 2014
Debut EP release from Kelly Oliver on 26.11.13. Far From Home
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Track Name: MARINA FLORANCE - I Told You My Troubles
I told you my troubles one by one and
you listened over and over again
you asked me what I would do
and this is what I said
I gonna find me a box that big and strong
with a five lever lock you see
I'm gonna put my troubles in one by one
and throw away the key
Then I'll climb to a mountain top
put my arms in the air
and I'll shout how lucky I am
to have you here
I told you my troubles one by one and
you listened over and over again
you asked me what I would do
and this is what I said
I gonna dig me a hole that's 10ft deep place that box way down low you see
I'm gonna cry those tears
for the very last time
and dance to my own melody
Then I'll climb to a mountain top
put my arms in the air
and I'll shout how lucky I am
to have you here
Track Name: Little Black Cloud
I used to look into the sky,
on the horizon there would be
a little black cloud way up high
with a whole lot of rain for me,
it followed me like a shadow would,
never gave me a moments peace
rained on me whenever it could,
when I expected it the least
but when it rains I'll watch the flowers grow
and in the dark I'll find a face in the moon
and when I live I'll live each day like my last
and it won't be a moment too soon
and when I love it will be with my heart and soul
and I will never be afraid to fall
and that little black cloud
won't hold me back
because tomorrow doesn't come for us...

So I took a sideways look at myself,
it was then that I could see
that my misfortune had become
a self fulfilling prophecy
so I'm gonna search
for the good in everything and
when that black cloud's overhead,
I'll walk towards the sun instead
and now I know the meaning
of a life lived to the full
because a life lived in shadows
is not living much at all
& i'm gonna search for the good
in everything and
when that black cloud's overhead,
I'll walk towards the sun instead
because tomorrow doesn't come for us all
Track Name: The Wedding Day Waltz
Here I stand alone,
so many eyes on me,
I want you by my side,
to have, to hold, endlessly

When I look in your eyes,
oh there'll be no surprise,
to see the tears that you cry
for how we feel inside
then I'll say that I do
and you'll say, you do too
and we'll waltz as one down the aisle.

You place your hand in mine
I can feel you tremble,
a band of gold unites two as one
and the waltz dances on.


So many years from now,
there can be no doubt
I will hold you close oh so close
for our wedding day waltz

Chorus: (slightly different)
And when you look in my eyes,
oh there'll be no surprise,
to see the tears that I cry
for how we feel inside,
then I'll say that I do
and you'll say you do too
and we'll waltz as one
down the aisle.
Track Name: A Better Song
This is a fragment, this is a piece of it,
nothing more than a glimpse
of the darkness,
just flash of the light,
one thunder of the storm,
one tune from a scattered
mountain of songs.
And yet I've seen her
I've held her, I have loved her.
for just one second

A sentimental picture of desire,
one single second of a million life times,
a restless continuation of the dream,
one motif amongst a thousand themes,
Repeat verses 1 and 2
Maybe this is all there is.
An imagined illusion of peace
Track Name: Take a Little Time
There's a story I've been told
'bout a shining pot of gold
but you can't see it through a cynics eyes
straight thinking won't win you the prize

I was raised to believe
there's more to life than we can see
a leap of faith, a twist of fate
and somehow we'll find our way
somehow we'll find our way
So take a little time each day to sing
take a little time each day
to dream of incredible things
like the colours of a rainbow
in a dark and rainy sky now that's
something that gold cannot buy

If you find that you resist,
think such wonders can't exist
and all your old doubts
creeping through your mind
I just have one piece of advice

Mid 8
So here's a question before I take my leave
If I choose to chase rainbows
are you with or without me
oh here's a question,
what better could you do
than to let those colours
wash all over you

Track Name: When The Past Came A Callin
When the past came a callin yesterday,
It brought to mind the story
of the one that got away
I didn’t know where I could hide
Suddenly there was no escape
There you were large as life
We were standing face to face

When the past came a callin yesterday,
There wasn’t much about you
that had changed
And I felt the urge to hold you
and never let you go
I must admit it felt a little strange

When the past came a callin yesterday,
the way you left me, you left me all alone
with just your written note on the table,
for me to find when I awoke
yes the past came a callin yesterday.

So turn please turn, turn and walkway
Cause I’m not strong enough
for you to stay,
Inst, Repeat 2
Track Name: Carried Away
It was one of those years,
that started with tears
among the snow drops
and first signs of life
and no one could tell
what the new year would bring
just a hope that the future was bright

Two candles lit against cold winter skies
as a curtain of grey fell cross the land
and no one breathed a word as the snow
softly fell and she held so tightly
her lovers hand
She was carried in a moment of madness
by his touch and words so kind
yesterday child in a woman's world
little comfort would she find

Many miles they walked
destination unknown
cast away from their ordinary lives,
the child she carried
both a burden and a gift
would cost her reputation and her pride
The face of her mother
still in her minds eye
hidden tears with her head hung so low
too many mouths to feed
and the work far between
she had no choice but to watch her go

The bare boned trees lean against the winter wind but of their love she is sure the warmth of a love
is like a Summer breeze and like nature
the spirit would endure

Track Name: Bring Me That Sweet Thing Called Love
Lately I've been down,
so many things on my mind,
felt like the clouds
were falling from the sky
and all I'd ever known,
everything that was precious to me
just blew away on a Summer breeze hmmmm

Life never promised an easy ride I know
but when the rain falls hard
we'll shelter from the storm
wait for the sun to shine
a little light along the way
give us the strength to carry on

And if I push you away
when I really long for you to stay,
one thing will always be the same
one constant thing in this
crazy sea of change
and its that sweet thing oooh
that sweet thing oooh
bring me that sweet thing called love

You say that you can't see
a side to me that's real
that I'm just a shadow of all I used to be
you think that I've become afraid to feel
that I'm always looking for yesterday
And so you tell me
it all happens for a reason
part of a plan that we'll never see,
and all those times that I
changed my direction
always you came back,
always you came back to me

But if you hold me strong,
hold me for as long
and if I push you away
when I really long for you to stay
oh bring me that sweet thing,
bring me that sweet thing oooh
please bring me that
sweet thing called love
Track Name: A Room of Your Own
You are older now than your father was
when I first laid my eyes on him
and age it weighs heavy now
heavy on my bones

Seems like yesterday, yesterday
for the first time, I held you in my arms
a tiny thing, a tiny thing
no idea what your future would hold


Upstairs your newest room
is empty, empty of you
and the things you choose to leave behind
is all the child I once knew


And every night every night
since you moved to a room of your own
your last one, the last one I pray for
my whispers search in the dark for you
Track Name: I'll Remember You
I’ll hold myself so tightly
Dream you’re in my arms
right now here beside me
I can hear the sound of my heart beating
on this winters eve
and all the joy that surrounds me

So I’ll dance and I’ll sing
And take a glass or two
And I’ll remember you
Yes we’ll dance and we’ll sing
Just like we used to do
And I’ll remember you

And I’ll hold myself so tightly
Sway slowly to the sounds
Of this time of year
Maybe a few tears will fall
I won’t stop them
Knowing through it all
You need your happy ending


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