Pandora's Box

by Zoe Wren

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I am the reason you die when you grow old Thanks to my doing you long for your neighbour's gold Sent for a reason, oh one single reason alone From the mountaintops to do you wrong I am the reason you fight with your brothers and friends Thanks to my doing injustice can see no end Blown on the wind as helpless as a leaf From the mountaintops to bring you grief Blindly on I ran And with trembling hands I do the only thing I can Watch the lid go up I am the reason your harvest will wither and fail Thanks to my doing you suffer to no avail Sent for a reason, oh one single reason alone From the mountaintops to do you wrong Blindly on I ran And with trembling hands I do the only thing I can Watch the lid go up What have I done to what was once so sound As I can only watch it crumbles down How can I smile again knowing the seeds I've sown Is it really a blessing I still left you hope
45 Fever 03:44
Bass and percussion - Lauren Deakin-Davies Making his slow way across the pavement Past the run down inn Broken bottles and yesterday's newspapers Blowing in the wind City lights are winking in the distance Blocking out the stars The only other hearts near that are beating Are the rats beneath the cars Not a tumbleweed is seen No sand beneath his feet But the mind will wander freely as it can Saddle up and he gallops through the dunes With a pistol strapped, beneath a silver moon As he nears the town where his foe lies still in wait Townfolk run, throw the bar doors open wide As his polished boots are first to step inside And he reaches down to his belt to seal his fate Following the overgrown dark passage To the garden gate Up along the silent path of broken stones and dreams Where he stands and waits Not a tumbleweed is seen No sand beneath his feet But the mind will wander freely as it can Chorus And from his belt he draws The key to his front door It opens with a slow reluctant groan The peeling walls are brown And the bricks are crumbling down And the fraying threadbare mat says 'home sweet home' And his only foe lies there The mountain that's the stairs That must be overcome to reach his bed But all this time There's just one picture in his mind Chorus
Going round the bend was far too smooth Up the wall's a fine line From on the ground Cracked so far beyond the help of glue A million shards of sanity Scattered all around All the places that I could have been All the sights my sorry eyes might have seen But nothing can compare with The feeling of not feeling anything at all I might've lost my mind But from all that I can find There wasn't much in the first place anyway Maybe I'll spend my time Wishing for what once was mine All for a moment's madness one day Nothing seems to be the way it was Maybe that's because the way it was Is not the way it is A man is nothing more than what he does So why do we have ears that hear Each useless word he says Memories are playing in reverse A silent movie with no yarn To keep it all afloat Some think hearing but not listening's not a curse But when you hear the music play you can't Recall a single note Chorus
His world's in darkness but he's found a ray of light The tunnel's end He takes his case and stool to see what he can find Hat upon his head And as the people pass they hum along Never knowing what it means to play these songs He's so tired of being lonely Another country, another day, another life Could be so near A gentle touch on his hand that he can almost feel A voice he almost hears And he knows just what he has to do If he wants to carry on and see this through He's so tired of being lonely He sits with his accordion by the roadside Playing for a ticket to far away He doesn't see the faces but he hears the coppers clink It's closer everyday Just another song away I walked the road and heard the music from afar Sweet to the ear I listened for a while, it came right from the heart All that I could hear And as I stood there I could almost feel This dream of his that was becoming slowly real He's so tired of being lonely Chorus
Logs in the fire and stars in the endless black sky Fire and stars are reflected in both of our eyes Oh tell me a tale of a time that's gone by Make it a long one, we've all of tonight Til the sun wakes and rubs its tired eyes In the dawn's light I'll tell you a tale of an oak tree that grew in these woods Its branches stretched out to the sky just as far as they could And there in its branches a bird made its nest With her three children is where she would rest Watch the sun from the east to the west Over the trees She'd fly through the woods To find food for her children to eat Life was simple, life was good She had all she could possibly need One day she came home just to find that her home was not there Dragged off by some men and machines to be cut up somewhere Oh where are my children oh where cried the bird Have they been taken or have they been hurt Tell me where are my children she cried But nobody heard She searched and she hoped But how could they survive such a fall Now where would she go She had nothing left Nothing at all Logs in the fire and stars in the endless black sky The forest is silent except for one lonely bird's cry Oh life must go on still though one's torn apart Time can't be stopped for a small broken heart The next day must go on like the last Each empty day When the morning arrives Well we'll pack up our things and be gone Leave the forest behind Our busy lives carrying on But that tree stump where you sit Is a thing you've not thought of or known But once long ago To one little bird it was home


This is the link for the digital version. If you would like the physical cd please click on this link :

"The far reaching consequence of opening Zoe Wren’s PANDORA BOX is not as the myth goes detrimental but the revealing of five beautifully sung songs blending a finesse voice with the soothing tones of acoustic strumming. This debut EP is a tantalising short collection presenting Zoe first and foremost to the folk world but with lashings of potential to work the cross genre songbook. She can sing quite comfortably in the classical traditional style and still retain a contemporary charm to captivate the listener" Three Chords and the Truth

It takes an especially strong new voice to rise above the general hubbub of the current English folk song flashmob, but there’s a sort of inevitability about the way that clarity prevails over clamour. I first heard Zoë Wren’s voice in the very early days of Instrumental and I had not forgotten it. On Pandora’s Box, she debuts impressively with a five-song set that showcases a maturing voice and songs that have depth to match their indisputable charm.

If you are already conjuring up a cloudy image of a winsome folkette with wispy tunes and the disposition of a delicate flower, then let me dispel that waking dream of yours. Zoë Wren is, arguably, very young to be treading the boards in the folk dens of London town, but not too young to write songs like those contained in Pandora’s Box. They are indicative of a personality with patience to learn a craft, but one that also has the quick wit to bend it to a purpose. Wren has made these songs as a playwright might construct a play, and it’s this visible architecture that will make people stop, look and listen. Instrumental Magazing

Zoë Wren is an acoustic singer-songwriter from Camden, combining traditional and modern folk styles with rock and pop influences to create a sound based on storytelling and catchy melodies.
Zoë was invited to perform on Stage 2 in Brian McNeill’s Festival Session on Saturday at Cambridge Folk Festival this year after her floor spot at the festival in the Club tent on the Friday night. She has supported various artists including Peter Knight’s Gigspanner at Cambridge Folk Club as well as Jim Causley at Hitchin Folk Club, where she has been booked three times in one season, as a result of winning the Best Newcomer award at Folkstock's Love Folk Live Awards. In 2013, Zoë also performed at Folkstock Festival and Standon Calling on the Folkstock Presents stage.
Zoë’s debut EP Pandora’s Box is being released with Folkstock Records on September 13th and will be launched at Balstock Festival. The title track of the EP, Pandora's Box is also available in the Fatea Autumn Showcase download.


released September 13, 2014

Zoe Wren


all rights reserved



Folkstock Records UK

Boutique label releasing handpicked singer songwriters from the Folkstock fold.
Most engineering, mixing and mastering by Lauren Deakin Davies.
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