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Jeanes - Sleeping Leaves EP


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I once met a girl, she chose slowly …what she told me we talked for a while, …she said something but then nothing, ..lips moved no words came hides in her thoughts, what she feels, can’t be said, they’re just her thoughts, she’s frightened others feel the same, then she won’t be unique again, … just Simple Jayne. with lapwing she plays and hums slowly ….for him only … whatever she plays the bird smothers, with feathers ...no words can away hides in wood groves, with eyes never painted, fringe grown past nose. afraid if others hear her words, her deepest thoughts wont be just hers she’s hiding words I once met a girl she chose slowly what she told me.
Barley hops and yeast, fields are growing, liquid sleep, Barley John looking for love, drinks fields till he thinks nothing, mmmmmm (seeded fields drift tongues to sleep), drinks fields of happiness, corn Barley John, lonely slowly looks to find his love, though tender words succumb, when barley drifts his strong alcohol song, lost and all alone, he lays stoned, hops and barley fruit takes full hold, lost and all alone words lie dumb, when love she comes, lost in barleys song, fruit takes tongue, alcohol song, mmmmmm, come love please come
when the pollen shoots climb, is the time to see the beauty arrive, under weeping trees, petals shake, anticipatea smile in her eyes, then she arrives, flesh alivein brighter skies, lay down beside, then let us lie, your legs entwined, when the forming fruit rise, see the morning sun and tomorrow arrive, honey bees in fields of blossoming lakes, her skin awakes and she smiles with her eyes, then she arrives, says she is mine, when spring is high, lay down beside and see her smile with her eyes
Some heckling crows, wake the yawning pine, damson plum lift leaves to the morning cloud, petals open wide, lets the pollen float, for dancing bees to gather and seduce their hosts she’ll fill blossom skies till scent hangs high, drifting the air with seas of bees, when her musk subsides and blossom dies, we swallow the pollen seed gold brown, fall down, she’ll watch her leaves die beautifully, her feet will eat them when it’s springtime auburn, bourbon ....bees feed Some heckling crows wake the autumn vine, pear and elder bleed at the edge of brown, heavy fruit trees bow, break their swollen stalk, for drunken bees to gather and seduce their hosts, she eats words and and sighs to feed the skies, growing fresh air in damson leaves, then, in autumns high, her fruit will try to fill us with apple seed gold brown, fall down, she’ll watch her leaves die beautifully, her feet will eat them when it’s springtime auburn, bourbon ....trees breathe


'It's gorgeous' Cerys Matthews
'Pure pastoral nectar' Tom Robinson
Eight plays on BBC 6 Music for these tracks !
'Without a doubt some of the most beautiful pastoral folk I've heard in a very long time. Outstanding and beautiful' Folk Radio UK
With the constant barrage of noise from 'man made' things, fighting for our attention every waking second, many of us forget the soft call of natures voice.
'Jeanes' tells stories of sleeping fields, breathing trees & drunken bees.

'Four tracks of exquisite musicality, so fresh they could have been written yesterday, yet as eternal as sunshine' The Revue.
'Amazing music arrives when it’s good and ready' Flo Bannigan, Angry Baby

The songs on this debut EP started their lives over 30 years ago as poems and snippets of recordings on old four tracks tapes. When Russ moved with his family to a cottage in the Yorkshire Woods he found one of his old books with notes scribbled on the opening leaves. The songs have now been recorded in homes, gardens & summer fields across Europe & America by an enchanting collective of female DIY artists, each lovingly chosen for their beautifully unique voices.


released June 16, 2017

Jeanes is a collective of the DIY artists below.

Russell Jeanes
Russ is a graphic designer, film maker & poet from Yorkshire and also a new music champion for Fresh On The Net.

Catherine Hershey
Catherine Hershey is a French-American artist, illustrator, songwriter and singer.
She is a long time friend of Kate Stables. Catherine illustrated 'this is the kit's' album for 'Bashed Out'.
Russ heard Catherine's songs and fell 'head over heels' with her work, sending her a message about his passion for her songs - Catherine responded saying she found Russell's songs 'warm and soothing'. This was the start of their recordings and friendship.

Emily Grace Zornado
Emily Zornado is a musician, playwright, director, and music educator in Danielson, Connecticut, America.
Russ heard Emily's cover version of 'hushabye mountain' and was utterly captivated. Emily recorded 'smiles with her eyes’ in the summer fields of Danielson, using ukulele punctuated with her rich layered harmonies. Russ first heard Emily's arrangement cycling through the fields of Ile de Ré.

Léa Decan
Léa is a talented artist songwriter, singer and is currently studying illustration in Brussels.
Russ found a track of Léa's called Timothée and then discovered that Léa really loved his poem/song ‘trees hug bees’.
Léa developed the song in Paris, Brussels and China. Russ worked separately with Tom Sidebottom on strings richly inspired by English Classical music.

Scott Fraser
Scott is a guitarist and was enthusiastic about Russ' poems/songs from the first, and was absolutely fundamental in their development.
Scott crafted guitar patterns from Russell’s initial ideas.

Tom Sidebottom
Yorkshire based string arranger and music lecturer. Tom has patiently and skillfully developed and recorded arrangements developing Russ' ideas.


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Most engineering, mixing and mastering by Lauren Deakin Davies.
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Debut EP release from Kelly Oliver on 26.11.13. Far From Home
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