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Mike Silver - Alchemy


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philiprbettis What's not to love great singing style smooth voice & fantastic guitar playing
Del Clouter
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Del Clouter Crikey Mike, talk about giving us our money’s worth !! 16 tracks, just like being at one of your gigs, and as they say about fine wine and maturing!!! at 73 ? Brilliant album , see you on the road 👍👍
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Just walk away she said it isn’t hard to do You forget about me I’ll forget about you The things we said oh they just weren’t true Don’t say you lied to see if I would lie to you Walk away walk away…. When something feels so strong in your heart and mind You let it magnify a million times Everybody knows that love is blind You only see what you hope to find Walk away walk away…. Walk away turn your back Get the first train and don’t come back Walk away let me go Walk away walk away walk away walk away She spoke of mountains high behind her home And told me how she walked and stood alone Next to the sky and snow and stone And dreamed of love to call her own Walk away turn your back…. Drums: Steve Jackson Bass: Dave Quinn Electric/acc. guitars: Jo Partridge Electric guitar: Al Hodge Acc. guitar: Mike Special thanks to: Mark Parry
Pollyanna © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver When Pollyanna gets the blues She starts talking about good news Silk dresses and brand new shoes to buy You won’t see that girl cry Tho’ she might have to close her eyes sometimes Anna know what true love means And honesty is all she need With time and space to enough To breathe a sigh She’ll always find a smile Oh there’s something in that girls’s style Can’t you see Pollyanna he’s drawn to your name Something like moth and candle flame ‘Cept you’d never let him burn away No you’d never let him fall When Pollyanna gets too low You won’t ever see her let it show Thinks she’ll get better if nobody knows she tried She’ll never run and hide She just cuts your blues down to size Oh Pollyanna I’m drawn to your name Something like a moth and a candle flame ‘Cept you’d never let me burn away No you’d never let me fall When Pollyanna gets the blues She starts taking about good news Percussion: Steve Cooksey Backing vocals: Fiona Simpson and Mike Acc. guitars: Mike
Down South © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver Let me take you down south I got a feeling we should go Get some sun on the skin and let the good times roll Don’t go waiting for the tide he won’t wait for you Lover you have won my heart all my dreams are coming true Northern Africa she calls and beyond her to the east Once a long of men’s dreams now a land without peace Don’t go waiting… Listen babe I won’t go without you Let me take you down south Let me take you down south let me take you down south Let me take you down south we’ll take it as it comes I’ll stick a grin on your mouth get you loving on the run Don’t go waiting… Lover you have won my heart … Take you down south… Synth, electric guitar: Jo Partridge Backing vocals; Jo and Mike Acc guitar: Mike
Dove and the Dolphin © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver We have battled Neptune’s forces to set foot on this land And all we’re trying to do is lend a helping hand We follow no guru we seek no acolytes We’re trying to take away the darkness Maybe spread a little light There are no politicians who drive us from behind No lawyers or bankers we’re not deaf and we’re not blind If you seek our discredit you may lose out in the end Our hearts are built on love and hope We sail out of the north its there we will return We bring music from the heart their welfare’s our concern The dove and the dolphin our symbol our sign We expect and we ask nothing We’re taking aid not taking sides If you question what we do you must question yourselves We’re only following our hearts ‘cos someone cried for help We have nothing to gain but the joy of a smile And the absence of fear in the eye of a child We sail out of the… And so here we are our footsteps on the quay Will they echo in your minds enough to set you free From the ties that bind your souls to a war locked in the past Will you never let go and find inner peace at last We sail out of the… Piano, lead voice on 3rd verse and harmonies; Johnny Coppin Backing vocals: Nancy March, Lynne Reynolds, Julie Boreham and Roger Nicholls Acc guitar: Mike
Not For You © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver This bird has flown she’s gone to try her wings So soft and clear she sings it Don’t say you didn’t know This bird has flown This is that time one foot on the winding road Shoes are tied in walking bows Its not for you to mind This is that time If you think it through there’s nothing very much to say She wouldn’t hear it anyway She’s just the same as you If you think it through Some day she may return but only time will tell And you may have to wait a long long time If she comes back you need to know She will not fly into your arms Like she did as a child She’s in full bloom colours brighter than the sun She’s found her only one Its not for you to choose She’s in full bloom This bird has flown If you think through She’s in full bloom Guitar and vocal: Mike
Wrong Side of Midnight © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver He’s too close for comfort to some misty dream Rather be part of something That ain’t what it seems The eyes behind the smile never match up to the grin Why should she trust a man like him He’s the wrong side of midnight again He heads straight for the shower when he walks through the door Hangs up his suit and his shirt on the floor He won’t look in her eyes when she speaks out his name She knows its no good to pretend Its so hard not knowing it plays on her mind She looks through his clothing oh what does she find Theatre reservations second row stalls For the week she’s away He calls from the car says he won’t be on time He’ll have to pass on the weekend cos his job’s on the line Kiss the kids for me honey I’ll see ‘em sometime Wrong side of midnight Wrong side of midnight He talks on the phone when he thinks she can’t hear Its the limo for him and limbo for her He’s the wrong side of midnight lying again Why should she trust a man like him He’s always out when he’s s’posed to be in Love’s a bitch when it gets to end Cos he’s the wrong side of midnight agai ‘ Acc guitar and Vocal: Mike
Not a Matter of Pride © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver She knows he thinks about her tho’ the times are not so grand But you can only play the cards you’re holding in your hand She knows he thinks of leaving doesn’t wanna let him go While there’s something left unfinished something that she needs to know He says let’s decorate the bedroom DIY from the superstore But he’s five cans down a six-pack he’s not listening any more Yes she feels his heart is kinder than he wants to let her think So she exercises patience does the dishes in the sink Take your time ‘till you decide Its a matter of love not a matter of pride When people get close they sometimes collide Oh how the truth gets turned into lies He says I wish I had some money I’d show this town a thing or tow See my woman let her hair down like she always wanted to Tho’ I’m just a weekend dreamer still my heart’s not far away Would she be better if I leave her or better if I stay Take your time… He doesn’t want another woman she doesn’t look at other men An affair might be exciting yet disappoint you in the end They both know there’s something missing floating just beyond their reach In this lover’s search and rescue will they find what they might keep Take your time… Piano and harmony: Johnny Coppin Guitar and vocal: Mike
Oh Doctor © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver I arrived late for the party that night Got lost on the way something like that When I finally got in just didn’t feel right There weren’t too many faces I knew The usual suspects I’d heard of the names Been aware of the hype in the magazines Not many of them could have been said to befriends Tho’ there were a few and you You waded in with your elbows out That big old cheesy grin on your mouth Throwing your head back and laughing too loud Digging other guys in the ribs Weaving your way in and out of the crowd Trying to get close to the people with clout Secretly wondering what its all about And sneaking a peak at the waitresses legs Oh doctor I’m in a terrible fix But I really don’t need you to come tome quick Could you be the reason that I’m getting sick Perhaps you should keep away Oh doctor I’m feeling much worse I think I’d be much better off with a nurse Your bedside manner’s clearly over rehearsed You always have too much to say Oh doctor its time to call it a day Whispering in the ear of a household name Hoping that they’ll let you back in the game They’ll only make sure that you miss the last train And you won’t get a free ride home Sup with the devil you get little to eat You’ll be lucky if you even get offered a seat You’d like to feel strong but you’ll only feel weak You’ll be talking about getting back up on your feet You’ll win a demon like this for every day of the week Till you find yourself right back out on the street And discover your cover is blown Oh doctor I’m feeling much worse I think I’d be much better off with a nurse Your bedside manner’s clearly over rehearsed You always have too much to say Oh doctor its time to call it a day Piano: Johnny Coppin Electric Guitar Jo Partridge 3rd verse duet: Nancy March Backing vocals: Nancy March Lynne Reynolds, Roger Nicholls and Mike Acc. guitar: Mike
This Heart Sings © Faymusic Publishing Written by Mike Silver and composed by Johnny Coppin A heart once called to me was in those early times The memory is clear the everlasting kind How the years have flow since first I knew this heart And I was made a friend and loved as good friends are The heart sings come rain or shine This heart sings though it may weep from time to time This heart is pure with love so kind Still this heart sings still she sings The northern star rose high the night came in so low A fire drew me in I had nowhere to go My welcome was assured from that moment on And through the open door I heard this heart in song This heart sings… Down here among the empty streets I stop and wonder why How love can sometimes fail to teach A lonely heart to fly And now this heart is free to find another home And we who stay behind may wonder where she’s gone Deep in mystery will she travel far Beyond the sky and sea to dream among the stars This hearts sings… Piano, vocal and harmony: Johnny Coppin Guitar, vocal and harmony: Mike
Elaina © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver Elaina she’s a little bit crazy she sings in a cabaret band She got a couple of coins in her pocket to jingle But no diamond rings on her hand Ah but I don’t know nothing about her Except she was in the back bar Oh how I wish I was able to laugh and say You know how these things are Elaina she’s a lover of music its part of her body and soul She lives for the song the rhyme and the feel And she wanted to let me know Maybe she was talking sweet nothings I couldn’t say for sure At the end of the night she gave me a kiss An’ smiled as she walked out the door Elaina I tried hard to find A place in my heart for you Elaina you left me behind Once away oh how swiftly you flew Now it seems you’re just someone I once knew Elaina she wrote me a letter You know sent me a picture for my wall She might have been here for a change in her plans But I wasn’t home when she called And upstairs my child lies a-sleeping She’s wrapped up she’s kissed a sweet good night I wonder does she dream of the sun or the moon Do the stars guide her heavenly flight Harp: Peter Fisher Pedal stee: Nils Tuxen Hurry Gurdy: Jake Walton Backing vocals: Fiona Simpson and Mike Acc Guitar: Mike
N.A.S.A. © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver We got a deadline to meet we’re all ready to go Don’t tell us nothing we don’t wanna know We got state investment we just need replacement We got a hundred percent and a billion more lives If the money keeps talking ket the money decide We got state… Need another seven astronauts No time to shout que pasa Need another seven astronauts Maybe six and another teacher We’re taking up a British satellite South African TV camera Need another seven astronauts Need another seven astronauts When something goes wrong How can we be to blame Sabotage by Gaddafi or the C.I.A. We got state… Need another seven astronauts… Electric guitars and keyboards: Jo Partridge Bass: Dave Quinn Drums and percussion: Duster Rolman Acc guitar: Mike
Breaking the Silence © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver On my TV screen I see you weep for the memory of those you lost The icy terror in your hearts caught in history’s permafrost Overcome you cannot speak spirit willing flesh so week Snow and rain on iron doors a billion hearts in time with yours Now its over sixty years since since the gates were broken down And the hollow faces filled with dread screamed their pain but made no sound Skin and bone in the morning chill shivering and shaking still Unbelieving that they were called to be the ones who survived at all Breaking the silence speaking their minds Voicing opinions they’ve got theirs I’ve got mine Talking in nightmares leave no-one in doubt Breaking the silence crying out loud. So the doorway to revenge is closed but two wrongs never make a right And hearts of steel must make a show and leaders look elsewhere to fight But when another sixty years have gone who will question what was done Will they ever be allowed to speak as free as you are now Breaking the silence…. Johnny Coppin: Piano, counter melody and backing vocal Mike: acc. Guitar and vocal.
Pretoria © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver Pretoria you will be remembered for how you kept the devil’s vow Pretoria your days are numbered and everybody is counting now Gold in the ground crops in the field Clean mountain forest and ripe fruit to peel Blind eyes in your head no right in your wrong Blood on your hands and lies in your song We know your solution to any who oppose We’ve seen it in film clips on the 6 o’clock news You break hearts you break heads a thousand at a time Its just a temporary victory over shadowed by the crime Pretoria… Against all your power a miracle survives The hope in the black man still keeps him a live And you will not crush it in him or his kin It rises against you never can win There’s filth in your townships beneath the burning sun There’s no communication with tear gas and guns When you hold back a lion you have to use a chain But you’d better not be around when he breaks free again Pretoria… So here are your choices its peace or its war Peace has been offered but you keep closing the door No conference table can quell your desire Of your own volition you will perish in the fire Pretoria… Guitar and vocal: Mike
How Many Rivers © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver When I think of your smile things get all misty I imagine I’ve seen you and then you are gone The ghost of a dream is all that’s left over I knew what was right and I knew what was wrong Are you slipping away, that’s what it feels like So long and good luck that’s how it goes Wishes like sand on a lone desert island Roll away from the land when the tine’s running low How many waves out on the ocean How many times will I say your name How many stars wait just behind sunset How many rivers in a season rain I speak my mind I don’t pull my punches If its worth saying its worth saying clear But I’ll hold my hand up this time I’m in trouble If I’d kept my mouth shut you might till be near How many waves… Standing room only in the heart deep inside you So many who love you would I be allowed Please don’t think about it I’ll keep my distance Just wish it was different but I don’t know how How many waves … Piano: Johnny Coppin Electric Guitar: Jo Partridge Pedal Steel: Nils Tuxen Backing Vocals: Nancy March, Lynne Reynolds and Julie Boreham Acc. guitar: Mike
J.C.B © Faymusic Publishing Written and composed by Mike Silver I’ve never seen her kind before There’s no-one like her thats for sure She’s what man like me is for If she asked me to I’d break the law The one I love she’s got the bug Talking up rockeries and flowering shrubs She never has any time for love When I kiss her she says that’s enough Ooh she’s got an iron will But her heart is gold right through What ever you try to do for her She’ll do twice as much for you She don’t leave a single stone unturned She’s got green fingers she likes toads and worms She’s a-diggin’ every hour the clock can turn While I’m in the kitchen so the dinner don’t burn Hey the one I loves digs for peace She digs it long she digs it deep Even dreams about diggin’ in her sleep Give her a shovel she’s a JCB Drums: Wille Wilson Bass: Chris Duddle Acc guitar and backing vocals: Mike


'those who have discovered him will attest he's one of the best kept secrets in folk. Hopefully, this album might go some way to sharing that.' FATEA Magazine fatea-records.co.uk/magazine/reviews/MikeSilver/

Oh Doctor is the track which Cerys Matthews has kindly played on her BBC Radio 2 show on 4th March, which is the first play of a track from this album. We are thrilled to bits with the generous support. It is the track which will be immediately available when you pre order the album ahead of release 26th March. Not For You was voted into the Fresh on the Net Fresh Faves (the new music portal headed by Tom Robinson) and was also played on BBC Introducing Devon and Cornwall!
Mike might be a new name to you, but for many others whose life he has touched over the last fifty years, we've found that Intimate, engaging and magical, are a few words associated with the troubadour who is celebrating 50 years of a life immersed in music.

'a fitting celebration of his undoubted talents as both a songwriter and performer. Some beautifully intricate guitar work, thought-provoking lyrics and a warm and engaging vocal delivery make Alchemy: Fifty Years In Song a pleasure to listen to.' darrensmusicblog.com/2019/03/16/singer-songwriter-album-review-mike-silver-alchemy-fifty-years-in-song/?fbclid=IwAR2xuJN9IJi-UC9kSP99loajDS-jz0cc06qExisRfQPw6KJBt0k_OkQZy9Q

Arguably one of the UK's best kept secrets, Mike is releasing a compelling album which showcases his prodigious output and musical artistry, and when you listen to this sublime combination, I think you'll agree that astonishingly, despite a few brushes with national media, Mike has remained the preserve of the initiated. A session on Bob Harris's Radio 1 in the 70's and again, picked up by Radio 2 with his 'Not a Matter of Pride' (which you can find on this cd) in 2003, have not spoiled the man behind the music who remains independent and is still impressing audiences, performing to sold out audiences all over Europe! If you've not come across him, you are in for a treat as Mike Silver is a gem waiting to be unwrapped and savoured, as you submit to his restrained yet effortless and honest vocal delivery.
Mike was referred to in glowing terms in Del Newman's seminal book 'A Touch from God. It’s only rock n roll'. "For me, Mike did for music what Lowry did for painting. His songs were about ordinary people and ordinary events, but he could craft a song that could make you cry. That was a gift'.
Now 73 and still prepared to drive from his home in Cornwall to Germany for a gig, (and in fact has a tour booked there for April) Mike has worked with us to craft a 'Best of' album which we've called Alchemy, for release at the end of March. We are so proud to be releasing this album which encapsulates a thrilling ride through Mike’s output over the last fifty years. We feel that this sensitively curated work of art showcases Mike's songwriting like none other before it.
Mixing contemporary upbeat tracks such as Walk Away' and 'Down South' to stripped back tenderness from 'Not for You' and 'Breaking the Silence', the blues tinged humour in 'JCB' or the wry smile at the establishment with 'Oh Doctor', Alchemy takes you on the journey through Mike's life. Loose yourself in lush harmonies (with duets from Johnny Coppin), stunning intricate guitar work, the sweet beauty of Mike's delicious vocal range, you can revel in the articulate historical and political messages which tell the tales of the times and indulge a heady dose of familiar emotions and scenarios brought to life with Mike’s evocative lyrics.

The tracks chosen for Alchemy represent many elements of Mike's extraordinary talent, woven into a work of art which will undoubtedly bring Mike some well deserved respect from those who have yet to discover him and bring a big smile to the faces of those who had already had the pleasure, of which there are many all over the world. Inevitably, there's a range of production styles which have been carefully moulded into a cohesive whole by mastering from Folkstock's producer Lauren Deakin Davies. Mike's launch gig for this album is 26th March at Slaughtered Lamb, promoted by FolkonMonday and Folkstock Records. Marina Florance is supporting him.


released March 26, 2019

Each individual track has it's own credits, but the overall album was mastered by Lauren Deakin Davies


all rights reserved



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Most engineering, mixing and mastering by Lauren Deakin Davies.
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